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Damai Center  is formerly the Dalian Sports Center Arena, which was successfully undertake the gymnastics game during the 12thNational Game. The Arena’s both software, hardware and  athletics level have reached the world advanced level, and widely acclaimed by theathlete, committee and all the media. During the 12th National Game, Dalianarenawitnessedveteran player’s retire and rookie’s emerging,  it became the national focus through CCTV live broadcasting. The National Game’s successfullylay a solid foundation for long-term use and operation of the venue. Damai Center  will undertake large-scale performances shows in the future, to create a new landmark in Dalian entertainment life, become a center of international cultural communication in a real sense.
As one of the large-scale indoor venues for variable capacity in China, Damai Center  main stage has the characteristics of large capacity, multifunction and variability. The bucket type screen which hanging in the center of court is undoubtedly the most conspicuous, it is divided into three layers, each four sides have a big screen, it not only can satisfy the audience line of sight without dead angle, can also lifting to the best positions according to the sight of audience.The main court have 18,000 seat capacity with flexible seating. The whole stadium can be combined according to the performance requirements in size, morphology, space,  also can provide in stage design space, great imagination and creativity unlimited for all types of performances.Dalianarenacan realize the seamless transition of the skating rink and basketball field, it is the only one which can meet the NBA standardand international ice hockey games requirementin northeast of China, it also can be converted into various shapes of the stage, can satisfy the large-scale variety show, sports events, gatherings and celebrations’multiaspect and multifunctional requirements.
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Stage Rendering:

2、Ice Rink

a、East-End Stage